Cricut - Beginner Tips - How to Convert an Image to use in Cricut Design Space

Howdy! When I am working on a new project, I often download (royalty-free) images off the internet to use. Sometimes these images do not upload well into Cricut Design Space. Or sometimes they are in a format that Cricut does not like. There are a lot of free conversion tools on the internet for us to use to convert. I'll be showing you step-by-step how to do this.

So for this example, I downloaded a gingerbread man off the internet in png format shown here. Feel free to download it for your own personal use. We'll be running this example from a laptop/desktop.


It looks fine on the internet. But when I go to Cricut Design Space and click upload, it is very ugly and will be difficult to use. This is why we need to convert it to svg through a free online tool.

So I went to

Click the Choose Files button. Locate your file (here I selected gingerbreadman.png).

Click Convert button.

When it's done processing, a download button will appear. Click that. Save your new svg file.

Now when I go to upload the svg file in Cricut Design Space it looks usable.

Disclaimer: - The Gingerbread Man image is for personal use only and not for commercial/retail/resale use

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