Walt Disney World Project - Matching Glitter Mickey Family T-Shirts

Yes - I'm one of those annoying moms who forces her family to wear matching shirts to Walt Disney World, although I rarely make the shirts myself. This time I decided to put my crafty skills to use to make matchy shirts.

So for my last trip, I made Glitter Mickey Head shirts. Each family member got a different glitter color.

I started with this glitter fabric paint (Laur DIY) that I found at Michaels store on clearance (in their clearance aisle). I was able to find many different colors - perfect for my idea.

Next, I bought the t-shirts on sale for $2.00 each. The cheapest non-sale shirts I've found were at Walmart for $2.97. Occasionally Dollar Tree has shirts for $1.00 but not many size options. Every once in awhile Michaels has them marked down to $2.00 (or 5 for $10.00) and that's when I stock up on all sizes and colors. For growing kids, I tend to buy a size up as we might re-wear these shirts again or use them as loungewear (close your eyes, Marie Kondo).

I found a Mickey Mouse outline image via Google Images and I copied it into Word. I increased the size until it was big enough to fit well on the front of a shirt but not too big to look weird. This size I picked seems ok. Print that out.

Now, get some Freezer Paper (you will find it in the paper goods aisle of your store next to the wax paper or parchment paper rolls). It's a little pricey but it lasts forever. Tear off a sheet and trace the mickey head onto the paper. Cut out the mickey head. Depending on the size of your family, repeat this for each person. We are a family of 5 so I cut out 5 of these. I guess if you're really patient and creative you can vary the sizes.

Place a shirt on top of an ironing board or a thick towel, set the mickey head on top of the shirt (I put the bottom of the ears in line with the underarm of the sleeves to kinda center it over the chest area). Iron the mickey head cutout onto the shirt with a hot iron (I used the cotton setting). Repeat for each shirt.

I selected a glitter color for each family member and traced around the ironed-on mickey head with a thick paintbrush and a good glop of paint. It make take several layers to get it thick enough to see. Let it dry overnight.


After the glitter has dried, peel off the mickey head iron-on. It should come off pretty easily. Now, follow the instructions on your fabric paint container. Mine said to iron the paint to seal it. So be sure to iron well or you will have glitter all over your hands/body. Iron the fabric inside-out as well to be sure the glue adheres. And viola - you now have cute matchy shirts!


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