Helpful Guide - Consumer Print Services Price Comparisons

I've had a lot of people ask me where I have my photos printed and the answer to that question is always "it depends", because sometimes I can find deals with coupon codes or limited-time offers. You will see from the chart I created below whether your own coupon code is a good deal or not. For simplicity, I put 100 prints but some programs charge less for 75 prints and others 50 prints.

Website/Store: In Store Pickup Price (1)/(100): Ship to Home Price (1+): Shipping Costs:
Costco (membership required) $0.17/$0.14 $0.09 None
CVS $0.33/$0.23 N/A N/A>
Sam's Club (membership required) $0.17/$0.14 $0.08 None
Shutterfly $0.15/$0.15 $0.15 $1.88 + $0.09 ea
Snapfish (Prices vary on pickup location) $0.09 $1.99 + $0.07 ea
Target $0.29/$0.29 $0.25 None
Walgreens $0.33/$0.23 None None
Walmart $0.25/$0.19 $0.09 None

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