Scrapbook Lessons - How To Create A Moana Birthday Favor Tag

After seeing similar ideas on the internet, I decided to try to make these myself (after all, I have a room full of scrapbook paper and tools to utilize). I just made a bunch of these tags for a birthday party and they were super easy.

Instructions for the Birthday Favor Tag:

Materials Required:
  • Paper or Sticker Sheets for the Seals
  • Paper for the backing
  • 1.5" Punch
  • Ribbon
  • Glue

Step 1 - Create the labels - If you have publisher, there is a template for seals (1.5"). It creates an entire sheet of circles filled with the images/words you select. I pasted a Maui jpg in the center of a large open red circle and added WordArt around the inner edge. I printed these on a color printer. Very easy. I could have gotten the Avery seal/sticker paper, used their template, and skipped the messy glue step below.

Step 2 - Create the backs - Use your 1.5" scalloped punch to cut out the back piece for each of your "seals".

Step 3 - Hole-punch the top of each of your backs. This is where the ribbon will go.

Step 4 - Cut the ribbon into 4 - 5 inch lengths of ribbon for each tag.

Step 5 - Thread the ribbon through the hole

Step 6 - Rub glue onto the back of the label and press on top of the backing piece. Allow to dry before using.

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